Marco's KS11XL

The Story

Here’s Marco’s KS11XL.

This is a very nice example of the model that I almost bought all those years ago, and which prompted me to try to track one down ... since when I’ve tracked down a few other Kawai models and set-up this site.  So this is really the guitar that started it all!

Marco bought his, as a teenager, back in 1978 from Scotto music in Marseilles.  Since then, he didn’t buy another guitar for 30 years as the Kawai was all he needed.

Looks like it’s in excellent and original condition, although Marco says that he swapped out the original pickups for a set of Bill Lawrence units a few years ago.

Marco uses his guitar in the bands that he plays in.  Check them out here;

Thanks for the photos and the story, Marco.


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