Jos' KS10Jr

Unfortunately, this is the only photo that I’ve got of Jos’ collection - be great to get some more one day Jos!

The Story

So, firstly, Jos has 3 Kawai guitars, including 2 that I don’t normally feature on this site.

The one in the middle is a KS10Jr, looks like it’s got one of the Roland GK3 midi pickups fitted too.  Jos has had this one from new in 1981.  He bought it whilst his Les Paul was being repaired.  In Jos’ own words ...

“after that, magic’s hit me and I never love the black beauty as before.  Because the crazy Kawai gives me more personality”

Can’t really argue with that assessment Jos ... see plenty of LPs around, but very very few Kawais.

The other 2 Kawais in the picture are the much earlier S70 model.  Jos bought these second hand for around 100 Euros each and he describes them as toys more than real instruments, and needing a little work to bring them back up to 100% condition.

So there you have it.  Undeniable evidence that Kawai guitars are better than Les Pauls ...

Well, perhaps not exactly “evidence”!


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