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Kawai KS 11 XL

Kawai F-V
Kawai KS10

The Kawai KS-12

Presumably, this was intended as the range-topper.

It differs from the KS-11 in that it lacks the maple top, but adds a “phase” switch to the electrics.  I don’t think - now - that a little toggle switch makes up for the loss of that maple top, but as a spotty teenager, that extra switch to flick made all the difference!  Shown here in the black finish.


Body:    Solid mahogany with a flat top
Neck:    3-piece mahogany
PickUps:    2 humbuckers, often branded “Mighty Mite”
Controls:    2 vol, 2 tone, 3-way selector
Finish:    natural (below), black
Other:    mini-toggles to coil split the HBs and allow phase in/out switching

And here’s mine.

This was my first Kawai back in 1980-something, the guitar that I played through school and university bands, that lay forgotten and unloved in its case in cupboards for a decade or so, and finally re-emerged perhaps 10 years ago, really re-igniting my interest in guitar playing all over again.  It’s done its job well.

I’m not really sure what prompted me to buy it originally, but it was a hard-earned 150 well spent and repaid many times over the years since then.  Perhaps it was the different headstock, perhaps it was the apparent 1/2 price bargain,

Who knows - but I’m glad that the ad worked, and I took the risk in buying a guitar mail order, knowing nothing about the brand or how it would feel, play and sound!

Kawai Guitars KS 12


This second photo shows the wonderfully smooth neck join.  If I spent much playing time up at the dusty end of the fretboard, this would probably make high-fret soloing really easy!

KS_12 mine 2

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