About Us

Actually, there is no "us" - it's just me.

As I've explained elsewhere on the site, I bought my first Kawai guitar - a KS-12-XL - sometime in late 1980. It was my first proper electric guitar and I played it through a series of school and university bands.

I've played on and off ever since and started playing more regularly a few years ago. For me, guitar playing is just a hobby, a distraction, a form of relaxation. I'm an enthusiastic player rather than a particularly good one.

I have a few guitars that I've collected over the years. None of them are particularly interesting, other than my collection of Kawais of course, and none are particularly valuable. They're just guitars that I liked the look, feel and sound of. Which is the main reason (as well as never being able to resist a challenge!) that I've collected the Kawais - they are well-made guitars using good quality materials, using a simple but unusual design, with a great look, feel and sound.

A couple of years ago I started building guitars. Just for fun. Strangely, my first guitar was a double-cutaway, fixed neck, twin humbucker design.


This is a personal hobby site and has no connection with the Kawai company